Omega Speedmaster 321 in Platinum

Hardy Brothers are proud to currently hold the only Speedmaster 321 Platinum in Australia.

Omega worked in total secrecy for over 2 years in a workshop dedicated solely to recreating the 321 movement. 

Working from scans of Apollo 17 crew member Gene Cernan's Speedmaster, which was the last watch to be worn on the surface of the moon in 1972, each movement was assembled from start to finish by a single watch maker. 

This fastidious and exacting approach is a testament to the importance of the 321 movement in both watch making and space travel. 

Omega Speedmaster 321 Platinum

Presented on a black leather strap, this platinum model features a step dial that is formed from onyx, with a deep black colour that works in perfect harmony with the other materials, including 18ct white gold for the indexes and most hands.

Omega Speedmaster 321 Platinum

Another very notable feature is the three meteorite subdials. In tribute to the Speedmaster’s lunar history, Omega has used real slices of moon meteorite, providing a genuine link to the Calibre 321, which has powered every Speedmaster ever worn on the moon.

The commemorative significance of this watch pervades all aspects of its creation from its meticulous crafting, the selection of precious materials, and its limited availability. 


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