As an Australian luxury jeweller, we accept a responsibility not only to our respected clients in crafting the world’s most stunning jewellery, but to honour traditional craftsmanship and artisanship that conjures the quality pieces expected from Hardy Brothers.

“We’re careful to ensure that it’s our customer’s vision at the centre of the process, not our own.”

Stuart Bishop, Hardy Brothers CEO

history. credibility. reputation.

These are some of the characteristics that have distinguished Hardy Brothers for more than 165 years and allowed our business to become one of the most revered luxury jewellery and timepiece destinations in the Asia Pacific.

From objects of desire to extraordinary experiences


Our commitment to artisanship and design ensures that our business remains a leader on the world stage. Our world-class design facilities, coveted artisans and unique creative culture are matched only by our vision to create enduring and meaningful objets d’art. We are inspired by creative iconoclasts that infuse their craft with imagination and passion and remain energised by those who push the boundaries with an artistic and conceptual sensibility.

Extraordinary Experiences

To keep a customer demands as much skill as to win one. Our business is galvanised through the relationships formed with our clients, partner brands and staff. By acknowledging the changing attitudes of our clients and their desire for self-actualisation and self-fulfilment, our brand responds to the cultural movements in order to filter this knowledge into extraordinary and memorable experiences for clients, partners and staff.


Our commitment to sustainability radiates throughout all aspects of our business. From the procurement of precious materials to the design and manufacture of our products, our business takes pride in our social and environmental stewardship. Through integrated environmental, social and infrastructure initiatives we aim to reduce our impact on the Earth’s resources while actively seeking to leave a positive and enduring legacy on our community and culture. We are committed to ensuring that future generations will benefit from the decisions, policies and actions we take today. We will motivate sustainable behaviour in ourselves and our community through education, participation and leadership.

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