It is recognised that international supply chains are becoming more complex as the various stages in the production process are increasingly becoming more decentralised across borders and jurisdictions. Although direct involvement through all stages of the external productive process is not practical, Hardy Brothers Jewellers has adopted the approach of requesting the cooperation of its supply chain partners and seeking their assurance that sustainable policies are adopted within their respective operations.

To provide greater certainty in the adoption of identical standards throughout the supply chain, Hardy Brothers supports the recent publication of ISO 204001 , the first international voluntary standard on Sustainable Procurement.

Hardy brothers jewellers have established 5 policies that reduce the risk of violating environmetal and human rights standards


Maintain policies which maximize the probability that appropriate Environmental Standards are observed in the extraction and processing of precious metals and gems, at each stage of the supply chain and manufacturing process


The adoption of ethical labour and human rights standards in accordance with ILO Conventions and Covenants throughout the supply chain.

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Support the elimination of ”conflict diamonds” through the Kimberly Process and the adoption of “chain of custody systems” to decrease the risk of gems originating from non-sustainable sources.


The abatement of greenhouse gas emissions in our Retail and Manufacturing operations.



Maintenance of processes designed to reduce the consumption of energy and water and correctly dispose of, or recycle waste.

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