Deakin & Francis Launches the Marine Collection

Deakin & Francis is proud to launch its new summer campaign, the “Marine Collection”.  

Inspired by the beauty of the ocean, the Marine Collection showcases a wide range of handcrafted fine jewellery and luxury accessories, including 18ct gold cufflinks, 925 sterling silver ladies’ bracelets, keyrings, and crystal decanters. Deakin & Francis’ expert craftsmanship brings to life various sea creatures as part of its aquatic fine jewellery selection. 


This vibrant red octopus decanter holds 65cl. This octopus decanter is finished with a stunning, bright red enamel octopus stopper, designed and manufactured by Deakin & Francis. With elaborate, details this octopus decanter is sure to be the centre of attention at any party or get together.


For fashionable thrill seekers the stunning silver shark cufflinks are a must have! Set with diamond eyes these unique cufflinks add a fearsome feel to any outfit.


This divers helmet decanter is a fun addition to your home bar. Manufactured in a traditional square spirit style by Dartington.  

Drawing inspiration from the Pacific red octopus and early copper diving helmets, the Red Octopus Decanter and Diving Helmet Decanter are handcrafted to the highest-standards by Deakin & Francis expert craftsman, serving as the ultimate bar accessory.  

With Deakin & Francis being acknowledged for crafting the world’s finest cufflinks, the Marine Collection captures the grace and allure of the ocean’s magnificent underwater creatures, from turtles to seahorses, using the finest 18ct gold and 925 sterling silver. At the centre of this collection is the 18ct White Gold Shark Head Cufflinks with Moving Jaw and Diamond Eyes, featuring a surfboard springback fitting and hand-enamelled poppy red tongue. 

Browse the collection here.

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