Baume et Mercier Hampton 10741

William Baume and Paul Mercier founded Baume & Mercier, Genève, in 1918. The firm soon became one of the most active in the field of wristwatches by offering remarkably balanced special-shaped models.

In 1919, it was awarded the highest international distinction of the time in the shape of the “Poinçon de Genève” quality hallmark. During the Roaring Twenties and throughout the Art Deco period, the brand established its style and left an indelible mark on watch design. Paul Mercier knew that it was essential for the brand to live in step with its time and embrace change.

Baume et Mercier has released a new timpiece the 'Hampton 10741'. This unique creation, limited to 328 pieces, draws inspiration from Soulages' monumental work, "Peinture 324 x 362 cm, 1986," specifically Polyptyque I. Displayed at the Soulages Museum, this masterpiece composed of four panels measuring 81 x 362 cm each has inspired the dial of this exclusive watch.

In celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Soulages Museum, a valued partner of Baume & Mercier since 2021, these Hampton edition encapsulates the captivating intersection of art and watchmaking. The dial's miniaturization offers a fascinating interpretation of large-scale painting, exhibiting an exceptional blend of technical prowess and aesthetic complexity. The addition of two golden dots at the end of the hands to express the request of Pierre Soulages to marry the black and the gold and have two gold pearls to express the time. The creation of a vegan strap mixing cellulose and apple leather to echo the request of the Musee and Pierre Soulages to be more in tune with current time and societal challenges The play of contrasting blacks, from matte to semi-matte, shine, and diffuse layers, harmoniously captures the essence of Soulages' artistic legacy.

This wearable masterpiece not only pays homage to one of the most influential artists of the 20th and 21st centuries but also elegantly translates the strength and allure of black into a timeless work of art.

Now available in store and online at Hardy Brothers here.

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