AW22 Wedding Campaign

Modern muse Mali Koopman introduces our Autumn/Winter 2022 Wedding Collections.

Presented within the Wedding Story, our current and new collections appeal to a modern bride while still staying true to our brand’s contemporary sensibility.

Lensed against a delicate swathe of shimmering fabric, the AW22 Wedding Campaign pays tribute to some of the most traditional signifiers of matrimony. Casting light and shadow across the subject, this backdrop enhances the radiance of the collections while conjuring memories of veils and trains.

Hardy Brothers Jewellers Wedding Campaign

For nearly 170 years, we've reinvented our brand to maintain relevance in luxury, while remaining true to a timeless aesthetic. The artful juxtaposition of elegant, refined styling with wild flowers expresses the duality within our brand as a heritage luxury jeweller and as a leader of modern jewellery design. 

Hardy Brothers Jewellers Wedding Campaign

 “If ever two were one, then surely we.” – Anne Bradstreet

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