8.03ct Burmese Ruby and Heart Cut Diamond Vault Ring


Burmese Rubies represent the upper echelons of Ruby quality. This variety is desired for its unique and dynamic colours that often display a fine bluish-red in their body. This colour, when coupled with the Burmese Rubies natural red fluorescence creates an intense display with an almost otherworldly radiance. One of the finest gems in the Hardy Brothers collection, this 7.03ct Burmese Ruby is certified as Deep Red. True to its nature and a calling card of its provenance, it fluoresces brightly under natural light. In the whimsical spirit of this Rubie's glow and the romance of its Deep Red, our artisans have set two Heart Cut Diamonds on either side, with a lightness so rare when working with metals.

Burmese Ruby - GRS 2011-061166

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