Vault Australian South Sea Pearl Strand

An Australian South Sea Pearl begins its life in the remarkably pristine waters off the coast of the Kimberley region. Teams of experienced divers search the sea bed for the Pinctada Maxima Oyster. The Pinctada Maxima is the rarest and largest of all Pearl oysters, and it produces the Australian South Sea Pearl, which is unequalled in lustre, complexion, shape, colour and size.

The sourcing of Australian South Sea Pearls is regulated by a government-enforced quota system and the Pearling Code of Practice both of which ensure minimal disruption to the natural environment and biodiversity.

The Australian Pearling Industry has been certified as the most sustainable and environmentally responsible by the Marine Stewardship Council. Australia’s sustainable practices and respect for the natural environment has allowed for our Pearl Beds to flourish, being named as the worlds healthiest. So, it is no wonder that they continue to supply the worlds most beautiful Pearls.

This strand presents 27 15mm-17mm Ellies Certified Australian South Sea Pearls, all with a desired white colour and unblemished surfaces. The colour matching of Pearls in this strand is remarkable, with each natural Pearl looking close to identical. In addition to the South Sea Pearls, this stand comes with a Tahitian Black Pearl Alternate Clasp. Tahitian Pearls naturally occur in a variety of colours including greens, silvers and purples. Unlike other farmed Pearls, the Tahitian Pearls dark colours are natural and unique to them.

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