Vault 2.20 Carat Argyle Pink Diamond Ring in 18ct White Gold


The Argyle Mine in Western Australia is the world's most consistent source of Pink Diamonds. Argyle Pink Diamonds are known for their intensity and range of colour that is unmatched by any other Diamond mine. Beyond the Argyle Diamonds' rarity and exquisite beauty, is a story of esteemed provenance. An Argyle Pink Diamond is traced from the mine, into the careful custodianship of trusted artisans and then into the carefully cultivated network of Select Argyle Pink Diamond Ateliers. This 0.50ct Fancy Intense Pink Diamond is certified by the GIA, with its own documentation from Argyle, stating that it is from Lot 12. Like the first Pink Diamond discovered in Western, sitting atop an anthill gleaming in the sun, this Argyle Pink Diamond sits pride of place atop White Asscher Cut Diamonds. 

0.50CT Emerald Cut Argyle Pink Diamond: ARGYLE #43106 LOT 12 - GIA 5141972620

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