Multi-layered Protective Case


Built for travel & life on the go.

Our sleek, compact multi-layered protective cases will absorb shock, keep your watch dry and shield against dust and debris while it is not on your wrist.

It only takes a one-metre drop on a hard surface or a hard knock to cause severe damage to the outer finish and delicate inner workings of your timepiece, increasing your maintenance costs and speeding up the 'wear & tear' of your watch.

  • Synthetic outer casing – The first defence against dust and water is to stop fine scratches and water damage.
  • High strength capsule – This super durable and superior shock absorption polymer is also water-resistant, so if you get caught in the rain or spill something on it, no problem! Your watch will be kept safe and dry inside.
  • Shock absorbing air bladder  – Designed to absorb any impact that may occur when dropped or struck. This means that even if the case is dropped onto a hard surface, there will be no damage done to your watch.
  • Natural foam inner lid and roll – Absorbing moisture from your watch band or bracelet from daily wear and protecting the watch face.
  • Durable heavy-duty zipper - Heavy-duty zipper allows you to zip up your watch quickly while protecting it from damage or exposure.

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