WOLF Cub Single Watch Winder with Cover


The WOLF Cub Single Watch Winder with Cover is a sleek and compact accessory designed to keep your watch running smoothly. With its patented innovation, this watch winder accurately counts the precise number of rotations, ensuring optimal performance for your timepiece.

Featuring a lock-in dynamic cuff, this watch winder securely holds your watch in place without putting pressure on the bracelet. The low-density foam accommodates all wrist sizes, providing a comfortable fit for your watch.

This watch winder offers various rotation options, including a 10-second start delay and a rotation program with intermittent rotation, pause, and sleep phases. The bi-directional directional settings allow for versatile winding options.

You can choose to power the unit with the included universal adapter or AA batteries (alkaline or lithium). The lithium batteries last twice as long as alkaline batteries, providing extended use.

The WOLF Cub Single Watch Winder with Cover is made of vegan leather, combining style and sustainability. Its compact size makes it perfect for those with a busy lifestyle who want to keep their watch running smoothly.

Overall, this watch winder is ideal for watch enthusiasts who want to ensure their timepiece is always ready to wear. Its innovative features, secure cuff, and convenient power options make it a must-have accessory for any watch collection.

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