Bell & Ross BR 03 Gyrocompass


Instrument watch designer, Bell & Ross, adapts the most iconic dial yet of an aeroplane cockpit with the new BR 03 Gyrocompass.

Beyond the power of the display, the watch pays homage to the complex mechanical design of the aeronautical gyrocompass. For pilots, it’s crucial to know their precise position. As such, engineers developed this visually simple yet technically complex system, with a mechanism that transfers the position of a plane in flight into a vertical graphic representation on the dial.

The fighter plane silhouette draws attention. The tip of the plane's nose aligns with the indices so that the wearer can tell the time with precision. By externalising the numerical inscriptions on the flange, checking the time becomes a seamless experience. Alongside the hour hand, the large minute hand benefits from a generous white arrow evoking a pointer. Slim and ultra precise, the central second hand creates an interesting kinetic visual effect through its large counterweight that permanently animates the dial, like a plane in flight.

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