Raffiné Halo

Incorporating the values of our Raffiné Solitaire collection, the Raffiné Halo is an elevated and refined iteration of the traditional halo engagement ring. Surpassing the modern bride's desires, the Raffiné Halo redefines all notions of craftsmanship and luxury. The distinct triple pavé design and seamless setting of the centre diamond showcase our artisans avant-garde techniques.

In keeping with its French moniker, this seamless setting is our most refined Halo to date.

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Fancy & Contour Wedding Bands

Telling a story of the careful development of personal style, our contoured and fancy bands elevate the classic solitaire to contemporary standards of creativity and distinction.

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As a heritage Jeweller, Hardy Brothers has looked to create a collection that is the embodiment of the modern, confident, and refined bride.

Our artisans have taken inspiration from the enduring motif of the Halo throughout history. Seen as the representation of unwavering spiritual character through symbolism of light; Our Master Jewellers have crafted their modern interpretation of this in the form of a hidden halo to provide security and longevity in a refined way.

True to its meaning, the Raffiné engagement ring is sophisticated, polished, and refined.

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