An Era Never to be repeated

In a remote but breathtakingly beautiful corner of Western Australia lies a land without comparison. It was here that Argyle pink diamonds were created, more than 1.6 billion years ago, forged under conditions of extreme temperatures and tremendous pressure more than 160 kilometres below the earth’s surface.

After a 37 year tenure as an icon of the jewellery industry, 2020 sees the sun set on the Argyle mine and its brilliance. Even in its final moments, the majesty of Australia's East Kimberly continues to unveil exquisite flourishes of pink, red and blue diamonds.

The Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender 2020 - One Lifetime, One Encounter, celebrates the incredibly yet fleeting existence of the Argyle mine and the infinite beauty of its rosy riches.

As one of the final collections to be presented, Hardy Brothers offers clients direct access to the 62 rare pink, red and blue Signature Tender Diamonds and 12 petite suite sets, each a masterfully curated and unrepeatable showcase of rare Argyle Specimens.

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“A fleeting reign born of a billion year heritage."

In a landmark discovery, the first Argyle pink diamonds were discovered in 1979, gleaming atop an anthill. Literally a gift of nature, the 1.6 billion year old treasure offered a glimpse into the ancient origins of the land.

Nowhere else in the world will you find such a treasure trove of pink diamonds, with an intensity and range of colour that is unmatched by any other source.

Argyle pink diamonds are coveted for their rarity and revered for their exquisite beauty. Such is their rarity that an entire year’s collection of polished Argyle pink diamonds over one carat would fit in the palm of one’s hand. It would take approximately 15 years to accumulate enough Argyle Pink Signature Tender diamonds to fill a champagne flute.

Beyond the aesthetic beauty of an Argyle Pink Diamond is an equally beautiful story of esteemed provenance, care and custody. The careful custodianship of an Argyle pink diamond begins from the moment the diamond is mined, to its final transformation polished by the hands of the world’s finest diamond artisans.

As a Select Atelier we accept a responsibility not only to our respected clients in crafting the world’s most stunning jewellery, but to honour traditional craftsmanship and artisanship that celebrates the provenance and rarity of an Argyle Pink Diamond.

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