Speake Marin Ripples Metallic Green 40.30MM

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If the RIPPLES La City case is inspired by the architecture of London’s financial district, what
could be more natural than complementing it with a dial inspired by London’s Sky Garden?

This extraordinary timepiece captures the essence of a hidden urban place, inviting wearers
to escape to a serene garden oasis within the bustling cityscape. The Ripples Metallic Green
watch draws its inspiration from the concept of an urban oasis – a peaceful escape nestled
within the bustling heart of a metropolis. The metallic green dial with its “Ripples” finish reflects the calm. Where nature’s beauty coexists with the city’s energy.

SPEAKE MARIN now provides you with your own Sky Garden on your wrist, a sense of
wonder and escape, inviting wearers to take a piece of that serene atmosphere with them
wherever they go.

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