The New BR-X5 from Bell & Ross

Since its debut in 2019, the BR 05 collection has served as the jewel of strength in the Bell & Ross catalogue, embodying urban focused design in a unique and distinctly geometric fashion. In the new BR‑X5, Bell & Ross elevates the original integrated silhouette to its pinnacle, drawing from the strong DNA of the brand and presenting a new, sleek design that pairs sportiness with serious intrigue, all while being powered by a manufacture movement by Kenissi.

Bell & Ross BR-X5 Black Steel Automatic Watch

Bell & Ross BR-X5 Black Steel Automatic Watch

Measuring 41mm in diameter with an approachable thickness of 12.8mm, the exceptional case of the Bell & Ross BR-X5 is at once familiar while simultaneously evolved and elevated, pushing the edge of creativity forward. Featuring a sandwich type construction, the timepiece’s precise facets and highly considered cuts touch a chord of the avant-garde, highlighting senses of streamlined lightness and industrial resistance. A bold sense of daring permeates through the aesthetic, with Bell & Ross’ design team making clear their propensity for originative watchmaking once more.

Bell & Ross BR-X5 Black Steel Watch Components

At a glance, the multi-layer construction of the BR‑X5 is discreet when viewed from the front, but comes into its own when seen from the side. The hollowed- out architecture of the case middle is captivating, revealing a technical construction that optimizes lightness without compromising on utility or water resistance. The different polished, satin-brushed and micro-blasted finishes throughout the case highlight the lines and surfaces of the design, and ensure the successful completion of this watchmaking puzzle.



Bell & Ross BR-X5 Watch Movement


Like the case housing it, the dial of the BR‑X5 is the product of smart design work, with its style marking a highly refined expression of the original urban instrument shape. Available in two colorways— black and ice blue— each option represents two sides of the brand’s appeal. In the suave black, classic and timeless noir are channeled with bright, sharp accents of red highlighting the look. While in the ice blue, the tasteful spirit of sport and play which has defined the urban BR 05 is on full view.

Bell & Ross BR-X5 Ice Blue Steel Automatic Watch

Bell & Ross BR-X5 Ice Blue Steel Automatic Watch

Showcasing the extreme reliability of the movement over time, the BR‑X5 comes supported with a 5 year warranty, impressively exceeding the previous standard warranty of 2 years for Bell & Ross’ timepieces.

Part of this exciting new release from Bell & Ross is the limited edition BR-X5 Carbon Orange. Like the earlier models in steel, the latest BR‑X5 Carbon Orange brings together two functions that are particularly useful in everyday life: an oversized vertical date and the power reserve indicator. This double display, which is as legible as it is distinctive, gives the BR 05 family a unique look while making it instantly recognisable when on the wrist.

Bell & Ross BR-X5 Carbon Orange Watch Limited Edition

With the black marbling of the carbon and the various touches of orange, this new BR‑X5 imposes its powerful, avant-garde and sporty look, which makes it more than just a watch but also a work of art.

Bell & Ross BR-X5 Carbon Orange

Explore the new Bell & Ross BR-X5.

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