AW22 Diamond Campaign

“When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson


 A classic symbol of eternity, purity and luxury, few gemstones are so significant as a diamond. Often handed down throughout family generations, a diamond is sentimental and cherished. Designed for the next generation of diamond connoisseurs and collectors, Hardy Brothers’ diamond collections are designed to mark moments of achievement and celebration with deeply personal and memorable Jewellery.

Captured in classic cinematic black and white, the brilliance and scintillation of a Hardy Brothers' diamond is unmistakable against this timeless backdrop. This imagery reveals traditional notions of glamour executed with our artisans' timeless and traditional techniques.

Hardy Brothers Diamond Campaign

Hardy Brothers Diamond Campaign

Hardy Brothers Diamond Campaign

This campaign introduces new artisanal diamond collections ranging from statement pieces to refined staples. 

Statement Diamond Rings 

Perfectly balanced, these new statement diamond rings are calibrated to Hardy Brothers' exacting standards. To achieve this symmetry, only baguette cut diamonds of specific dimensions are suitable. The selection process is so meticulous that from a parcel of approximately 50 carats, only 1 carat of the parcel will have the desired proportions for this exclusive design. Imbued with the values of quality and creativity Hardy Brothers are known for, these statement diamond rings are for those ready to invest in an heirloom with vision at the centre of the design. 

 Baguette Statement Diamond Ring in 18ct Yellow Gold 

Fancy Cut Diamond Drop Earrings

Hardy Brothers' new collection of fancy cut diamond drop earrings present designs that conjure notions of elegance, delicate grandeur, and honour. Hardy Brothers' artisans exercised restraint in design, delicately assembling these earrings with a discerning eye. This capsule collection is versatile in its refined simplicity, designed to be worn when celebrating life's milestones to life's smallest moments.

 Fancy Cut Diamond Drop Earrings in 18ct White Gold

Diamond Staples

The new collection of Diamond Staples brings modern refinement to iconic jewellery designs. Executed with fancy cuts of diamonds, this collection of diamond solitaire earrings matching pendants is designed to commemorate significant moments. 

Emerald Cut Diamond Pendant in 18ct Yellow Gold

Discover the new diamond collections.

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