Our Premium Halo Engagement Ring

Incorporating the values of our Raffiné Solitaire collection, the Raffiné Halo is an elevated and refined iteration of the traditional halo engagement ring. Surpassing the modern bride's desires, the Raffiné Halo redefines all notions of craftsmanship and luxury.

The distinct triple pavé design and seamless setting of the centre diamond showcase our artisans avant-garde techniques.

2.00ct Raffiné Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Each diamond in each Raffiné Halo engagement ring is set by hand and each engagement ring is finished by one Hardy Brothers artisan from start to finish. It is with exacting detail that our artisans set over 150 melee diamonds in triple rows to create the most luxurious, sparkling diamond engagement ring. 

1.00ct Raffiné Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The seamless setting of the centre diamond is what truly sets the Raffiné Halo apart. Our artisans commitment to preserving and showcasing the radiant qualities of a diamond led them to develop this sleek design which notably doesn't feature the traditional 4 or 6 claws that secure the diamond. 

1.00ct Raffiné Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

It's not just the modern design and craftsmanship that distinguish the Raffiné Halo, but also the remarkable diamonds hand-selected by our artisans that truly make it the ultimate halo engagement ring. Each Raffiné Halo diamond is GIA certified in line Hardy Brothers Jewellers ethical standards. The diamonds in this collection are all colourless to ensure that your engagement ring emits the brightest, whitest glow. 

In keeping with its French moniker, this seamless setting is our most refined Halo engagement ring to date.

We encourage you to make a private appointment to discover the true depths of our quality and craftsmanship to create your dream engagement ring.

Discover the Raffiné Halo.

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