Waterford Mixology Circon Cocktail Shaker


We believe cocktails always taste better with a bit of theatre in the making. Our beautiful crystal cocktail shaker, with a linear design, allows you to create the perfect experience when shaking a stylish blend of rum with exotic ingredients, the ice against crystal makes a fantastic sound whilst shaking the cocktail. The stylish shape and reassuring weight of Waterford crystal, with linear cuts echoing sugar cane make this your perfect barware piece. Using the lid as a measuring cup, you can become an expert mixologist at home and create those rum based favourites, a Daiquiri, Pina Colada or Mojito blending fruit juices, herbs and ice to transport you and your guests to a relaxed Caribbean destination. The crystal cocktail shaker is presented in a signature grey Waterford box with decorative sleeve and makes a wonderful, lasting gift for you or anyone you know with a flair for creating amazing shaken concoctions.

The Mixology Cocktail Shaker is 750ml 27cm x 10cm.

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