Jacob & Co. Epic x Skeleton V1 Orange 44.00mm


When launching the new Epic X collection in 2016, Jacob & Co. ventured into a new direction, with new shapes, new material and a new frame of mind. The inspiration of the design came from the letter X which symbolizes something unknown, mysterious and appealing which was the energy of the brand at the time. Epic X Skeleton is the combination of a staple of watchmaking, the skeleton watch, and the radical design approach of Jacob & Co.

As a result, Epic X Skeleton bridges the inside and the outside, the movement and the 44-mm case. The X shape starts at the lugs, goes on to the movement's vertical bridges and finishes on the other pair of lugs. Transparency, structure, innovation, three of Jacob & Co.'s design guidelines are gathered in Epic X Skeleton.

SAPPHIRE Sapphire crystal
WATER RESISTANCE 10 bar (100m)
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