18ct Yellow Gold and Platinum Ring

Inspired by Chinese culture � Yin & Yang. Featuring a 1.01ct Fancy Light Yellow Pear Cut and 0.70ct GSI1 Pear Cut TGW=3.65ct In Chinese culture, Yin and Yang represent the two opposite principles in nature. Yin characterizes the feminine or negative nature of things and yang stands for the masculine or positive side. Yin and yang are in pairs, such as the moon and the sun, female and male, dark and bright, cold and hot, passive and active, etc. But yin and yang are not static or just two separated things. The nature of yin yang lies in interchange and interplay of the two components.

  • Material 18ct Yellow Gold and Platinum
  • Major gemstone Diamond
    • Quantity 1
    • Weight 1.01
    • Cut Pear
    • Colour Yellow
    • Clarity VS2
  • Minor gemstone Diamond
    • Quantity 1
    • Weight 0.7
    • Cut Pear
    • Colour G
    • Clarity SI1
  • Tertiary gemstone
    • Quantity 116
    • Weight 0.0167
    • Cut Round Brilliant Cut
  • Total Gem Weight 3.6472 carat
  • More information More about this product
    • Length 0.0mm
    • Width 0.0mm
    • Diameter 0.0mm

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