Designer Billy Briggs draws his inspiration for his crystal fish platter from the skeletal bones of the Atlantic Herring fish. Herringbone refers to a pattern that consists of columns of short parallel lines, with all the lines in one column sloping in one direction and the lines in the next column sloping in the other direction. The resulting pattern resembles the bones in a fish. Limited Edition of 200. 10 out of 200 allocated to Australia. Get in quick before you miss out!

  • Major gemstone
    • Quantity 0
    • Weight 0.0
  • Minor gemstone
    • Quantity 0
    • Weight 0.0
  • Tertiary gemstone
    • Quantity 0
    • Weight 0.0
  • Total Gem Weight 0.0 carat
  • More information More about this product
    • Length 0.0mm
    • Width 0.0mm
    • Diameter 0.0mm

Please note, limited quantities of specific ring sizes available.

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