Father’s Day is the perfect time of year to

celebrate the loving and caring men in your life



The bond between a father and child timeless. Show this with a timeless Hardy Brothers curb link chain or signet ring.

from $460.00

Deakin & Francis Cufflinks

Practicality meets delightful style, spoil Dad with a truly unique pair of cufflinks. Deakin & Francis cufflinks are renowned for their signature designs and complex detail. Employing tools, traditions and techniques; passed from one generation to the next.

from $329.00

Deakin & Francis Decanters

These decanters will become a staple design piece in any room. Featuring a crystal glass decanter base, handmade by craftsman in Dartington's Devon based workshops, designed and manufactured by Deakin & Francis.

from $299.00


Give the gift of heritage, luxury, and functionality

with a Swiss Timepices from our extensive collection.

from $1,100.00