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Hardy Brothers in the World

Australian Kangaroo 2017 2oz Gold Proof Pink Diamond Edition coin, 13 Jun 2017

As a select Argyle Pink Diamond Atelier, Hardy Brothers is proud to be a stockist of the limited edition Australian Kangaroo 2017 2oz Gold Proof Pink Diamond Edition coin featuring a pink diamond unearthed from Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond Mine in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. This diamond was specifically selected to correspond with the red kangaroo design. One of nature’s finest treasures, pink diamonds are among the rarest and most valuable objects on Earth.

The Perth Mint’s red kangaroo design was introduced as part of the Australian Nugget gold coin program as the new theme for the 1989 Proof Issue. The artistry was designed by Dr Stuart Devlin AO CMG, goldsmith and jeweller to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The coin’s reverse portrays a bounding red kangaroo surrounded by stylised rays of sunlight. The kangaroo is holding a beautiful pink diamond between its front paws. The design includes the inscription AUSTRALIAN KANGAROO 2017 2oz 9999 GOLD, and The Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark. Each coin is issued as legal tender under the Australian Currency Act 1965 and features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the monetary denomination on its obverse.

The coin is housed in a prestigious and elegant Perth Mint presentation case within a themed, shipper and is accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Argyle Pink Tender Gem, 5 Dec 2016


Rare and finite, an Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender Gem has travelled a journey of careful custody and craftsmanship to reveal its chromatic splendour.

One of only 63 gems from the Argyle Prink Diamonds Tender 2016, this natural colour Diamond is one of the finest ever unearthed from the deep reserve of the Argyle Diamond Mine and is the only one of its kind.

Available exclusively through Hardy Brothers.

LOT 51 1.06ct Cushion Cut Argyle Pink Diamond Grade: 5P/SI2 GIA Grade: Fancy Intense Purplish Pink/VS2

Oro Collection, 5 Dec 2016

Timeless Elegance

Hardy Brothers exquisite Oro Collection features designs inspired by freedom and elegance.

Wearable jewels for all occasions and with a hint of classicism in the design and craftsmanship, the Oro Collection captures the beautiful aesthetic of the finest diamonds set unique designs of 18ct yellow, white and rose gold.

With the highest expression of design, the Oro Collection features a stunning range of beautiful bracelets, luxurious pendants and rings, perfect for stacking or to wear alone. The collection represents a new era in fine jewellery: stellar creations which continue to make a signature statement and leave an impression for all ages and occasions.

Neela Collection, 5 Dec 2016

Inspired. Indulgent. Individualistic.

Hardy Brothers’ Neela Collection embodies luxurious sophistication.

From cascading earrings to delicately embellished rings each captivating piece in the Neela Collection is as unique as the woman it adorns and the stunning array of vibrant gems illuminates the colourfully diverse character of the wearer.

Embodying classic sophistication with a hint of avant-garde modernism, the Neela Collection is handcrafted by our aleliers and meticulously set under microscope by highly skilled artisans. Each piece encompasses design elements of rhythm and lightweight flexibility – all inspired by concepts of feminine movement.

Graceful and statement-worthy, Hardy Brothers’ Neela Collection features dramatic interactions between the vivid bold colours of resplendent Opals, Rose Cut Blue Sapphires, full cut Diamonds and black Rhodium accents. Capturing femininity and elegance, vibrant pieces focus on the finest Turquoise, Emeralds and Sapphires, embodying the modern confidence of a woman deciding and defining her own style statements.

Pacific Fair Flagship Boutique Opens, 5 Dec 2016

Pacific Fair Flagship Boutique Opens.

Hardy Brothers celebrates the opening of the flagship boutique at the new Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast.

Over 150 VIP guests enjoyed a presentation of exquisite jewellery showcased by models wearing Australian designer Carla Zampatti and fine time pieces from Breitling, Ulysse Nardin, Corum and Zenith at the private event.

The balmy evening showcased a Moet Chandon cascading champagne tower, pop up whisky bar and tunes reminiscent of the 1970’s Frank Sinatra era and a cool LA vibe.

Spice Series, 5 Dec 2016

Spice Series

Set sail on an odyssey with our Spice anthology – be seduced by exotic treasures from the Hardy Brothers Collection.

Surrender your senses to the luminous colours of Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires and the enchantment and exquisite radiance of Diamonds.

Embrace the talisman of your personal mythology or discover the consummate gift for your beloved with our new catalogue.

Hardy Brothers – merchants of opulence, fine jewellery and premium Swiss timepieces.

Argyle Blossom, 1 Dec 2016

With a collection of just 100 worldwide, the limited edition Argyle Blossom Pendant is an ode to nature and the rarest colour diamonds from the Argyle Diamond Mine.

Nestled among brilliant white petals, Argyle pink and blue diamonds are hand set in 18ct gold, with each pendant individually numbered and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

RRP $19,850

Perth Flagship Boutique Official Launch, 28 Nov 2016

Perth Flagship Boutique Official Launch.

Hardy Brothers heralded in their new King Street Boutique with a private party for over 120 guests from the corporate, entertainment and fashion industries.

Guests enjoyed a presentation of Hardy Brothers jewellery including the CLEOPATRA necklet featuring pink and white Argyle diamonds set in platinum, valued in excess of $1M.

Guests dined on canapés created to represent each collection showcased, sipped on Moet champagne, enjoyed vodka cocktails and a pop up whiskey bar. Perth's finest models sashayed salon style through the crowd to tunes from well known DJ Mishtee.

Sweet Perfection, 1 Mar 2016

The Limited Edition Arm Candy Bracelet has arrived at Hardy Brothers. Set in 18 carat gold, Argyle Pink Diamonds are interlinked with white baguette cut diamonds. The bracelet was designed and crafted to achieve elegance and refinement combined with casual chic. Only 80 bracelets are available worldwide with each bracelet numbered and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. 

All That Glitters, 16 Feb 2016

The biennial Diamond Guild Australia Jewellery Awards offers Australia’s leading jewellers the chance to showcase innovative design and Australia’s extraordinary diamonds and Hardy Brothers proudly celebrated a rich history of design and craftsmanship credentials with a stunning ring submitted for the event.

Finalist in the Fancy Colour Award, the “Rosa Renatus” is a beautiful 18 carat rise-gold ring with white-gold highlights, featuring 58 thread-set Argyle pink diamonds (total diamond weight of 1.075 carats) with four bezel-set baguette-cut white diamonds (total diamond weight 0.14 carats) set into a stylised cross motif and designed by Stuart Bishop.

The award’s expert panel comprised of fashion designer Carla Zampatti; Steven Pozel, director of Object: Australian Design Centre; Brandon Gien, CEO of Good Design Australia; Julian Farren-Price, director of J. Fareen-Price; and Kirsten Galliott, editor-in-chief of Qantas magazine.

The Limited Edition Argyle Pink Diamond Ingot – Series Three Special Pure Gold Edition, 29 Sep 2015

Sharing the ancient birthplace of Argyle Pink Diamonds, the Gouldian Finch is a scarce native species found in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. With qualities reminiscent of Argyle pink diamonds, the birds are extremely rare, vibrantly coloured and romantic – mates for life. In keeping with tradition, the design pays homage to this precious fauna and their significance to the landscape in which the world’s rarest diamonds were formed more than a billion years ago.

An initiative of Glajz-THG in collaboration with The Perth Mint, this collection’s special feature is the casting in 24 carat (99.99%) pure gold- the first and only ingot in the series featuring yellow gold, set with approximately 0.11cts of Argyle Pink Diamonds in a limited mintage of 200 worldwide.

Retailing for A$7,250 (GST inclusive) the ingot is a special collector’s piece and reflects the rarity and origin of Argyle pink diamonds. This opportunity has only been presented to Australia Ateliers in the first instance.


The Ingot

  • 1 oz, 24 carat gold
  • One of only 200 worldwide, specially mined by The Perth Mint
  • Hand set with seven argyle pink diamonds, approx total weight 0.11ct average 6-8P/PP/PR
  • Each Ingot is individually numbered 001-200
  • Maximum measurents: 41.60mm x 24.60mm x 4.00mm
  • Minimum weight: 31.104gm

Note: due to the handcrafted nature of each ingot, slight variations in the pink diamond content should be expected.


  • Accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity
  • Beautifully Presented in a APD branded box and exterior matching shipper

A$7,250 inclusive of GST

Positively Inspiring - Yellow Diamonds Capture The Lust For Life , 13 Jul 2015

With a flicker and a flare of seductive golden rays, Yellow Diamonds have captured the hearts and minds of jewellery lovers right across the globe. Their inspiriting colour is simply irresistible and forever enticing.

In colour psychology, yellow represents happiness, enthusiasm for life, confidence, optimism, sunshine and spring, so it’s no wonder they appeal to the human spirit so positively. In many Asian cultures, yellow can symbolise money, and in particular, the Chinese consider it to be the most beautiful and prestigious colour in the spectrum.

The most popular of the fancy colour diamonds, they are nonetheless extremely rare - they are much rarer than white diamonds and only 0.01% of diamonds mined have an intense yellow colour. And with current fashion trends favouring brighter hues, they are a clear standout in the minds of many.

As a result, Yellow Diamonds take pride of place in the displays of all the world’s leading designer jewellers, fashion houses and studios. They adorn the hands of the most famous and fabulous: celebrity endorsement has certainly helped the Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond in its upward trajectory, with all manner of A-list actors, supermodels, singers and sports heroes adopting it as the diamond of choice. They are celebrated in songs, immortalised in fragrances and make headlines for record beating sales.

The yellow colour in Yellow Diamonds is caused by the presence of Nitrogen in the diamond. They often feature a secondary colour (or ‘modifier’) such as greenish yellow, brownish yellow and orange yellow.

‘Fancy’ Yellow diamonds are those that display more colour than the "Z" colour grade within the D-Z colour grading scale, and grades available include:  Fancy Light Yellow, Fancy Yellow, Fancy Intense Yellow, Fancy Dark Yellow, Fancy Deep Yellow, and Fancy Vivid Yellow.

Fancy Yellow and Fancy Intense diamonds are a popular choice, and are a relatively affordable entry point to the glamorous world of coloured diamonds. For those with bigger budgets, Fancy Vivid Yellows remain the most sought after. The rare Vivid Yellow and Intense Yellow diamonds are also known as “Canary Diamonds’.

Yellow Diamonds can be cut in a wide range of styles, however cushions and radiants are popular as they are considered to reflect the most colour. They are often used as a centrepiece of stunning engagement rings, in a set featuring an array of clear diamonds.  

Argyle Pink Plume - The Feather in The Argyle Cap, 13 Jul 2015

This year, Argyle Pink Diamonds is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and as you would expect, they are doing it in spectacular style. However, what you may not have ever imagined is the magnificence of the extraordinary piece they have released to mark the occasion.

The Argyle Pink Plume - a limited edition pink diamond encrusted feather pendant - was previewed in Sydney at an exclusive event in collaboration with Vogue Australia. The Argyle Pink Plume is a luxurious feather design, set with over one carat of natural and ethically sourced Argyle pink diamonds.

This is the first time that a collection of pink diamond feather pendants have been crafted and only 100 pendants will be made available globally.

Inspired by the spirited and remote Kimberley region of Western Australia, each pendant has a numbered ‘1 of 100’ laser inscription and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and bespoke box.

The Argyle Pink Plume is a celebration of thirty special years and speaks to the rarity, beauty and extraordinary provenance of Argyle pink diamonds. The pendant is both an exquisite piece of jewellery for today, and an heirloom for tomorrow.

The 18kt rose gold pendant is set with approximately 1.20 carats of Argyle Pink Diamonds. It  measures 4cm from top to bottom of quill, and it features six rose gold, dual sided stations with single pink diamonds. The beautiful chain is 18kt white gold, and an additional pink diamond set feather accent is to found at the end of the chain clasp.

The Argyle Pink Plume is presented in bespoke luxury packaging, featuring a velvet lined keepsake box with a statuesque design.                

As one of only 30 Argyle Pink Diamond Select Ateliers in the world, Hardy Brothers is proud to be able to offer the Argyle Pink Plume to discerning buyers across Australia. 


Argyle Pink Diamond Plume Leaf Necklet

Pink Diamonds: Redefining Rarity , 7 Jul 2015

Throughout history, there has always been a finite number of reasons why an object earns its place in the pantheon of the prized and precious. Rarity, mystique and uncommon beauty are the primary drivers, and there is quite possibly no better illustration of this fact than the illustrious Pink Diamond.

Representing only 0.001% of all diamonds mined, and with their natural supply soon to be exhausted, Pink Diamonds are amongst the world’s scarcest diamonds. A new definition of rarity is being forged by the pressures of exiguity, and the world is taking notice. In particular, the Pink Diamond’s popularity with the celebrity set has given rise to its lustre. Adorned by many a Hollywood starlet, sophisticated socialite and international pop star, this diamond has become the definitive symbol of success for the well heeled and well informed.

The Pink Diamond is one the rarest of the fancy coloured diamonds, and its colouring is simply sublime. Exquisite in their appearance, the colour range is extraordinary: from light pink to vivid pink, to intense red, purple with pink champagne and pink rose in the available colour palette.

The Pink Diamond’s colouring remains shrouded in mystery, as no one knows for certain how the colour is borne. With other diamonds, trace minerals within the compound elements bring about the colour: for example, the Yellow diamond is created by the presence of nitrogen. With the Pink Diamond, the conventional wisdom is that the pink’s high pressure graining compresses the internal structure, and that may be the origin of the colour.

Exceptionally hard and unyielding to damage, the Pink Diamond’s brilliance is dramatic, its luminosity breathtaking.

Reginalds Tower: A Landmark Piece Celebrating A Landmark Career , 7 Jul 2015

There are few more widely celebrated artisans in the world than the internationally renowned house of Waterford. First established in 1783, its founders were the ambitious glassmaking brothers, William and George Penrose. With a vision to "create the finest quality crystal for drinking vessels and objects of beauty for the home," the brothers forged a reputation for clarity, colour and unsurpassed beauty and quality.

The company, however, was forced to close in 1853, due to economic pressures. It wasn’t until 1947 that the company began to operate again, albeit under different ownership. The original owners’ exemplary design aesthetics and traditional cutting patterns were retained and became the cornerstone of the ensuing rapid expansion. Today, Waterford Crystal is a global phenomenon and it remains firmly dedicated to the core values of its eminent predecessors.

In 2014, Waterford Crystal Chief Designer John Connolly’s celebrated his 50th year with the Waterford family. Over the years, John has immersed himself in every aspect of the design and manufacture of the world’s most beloved crystal, and is the catalyst behind the enduring success and continued growth of the Waterford brand.

In recognition of this landmark career, John Connolly created the resplendent Reginald's Tower Pedestal Vase, drawing inspiration from Waterford City’s most recognisable and historic landmark of the same name. In doing so, he acknowledged the fascinating ancestral heritage of Ireland's past.

Reginalds Tower has been in service for over 800 years, and was initially built by the industrious Vikings. Originally a medieval defensive strongpoint, its name is derived from the Hiberno-Norse, (Irish-Viking) ruler of the city Ragnall MacGillemaire, who was once imprisoned within the imposing walls of the stone structure.

Irish history was set on a new course at Reginald’s Tower, as it was here that Strongbow, the leader of the Anglo-Norman invaders, met Aoife, the daughter of Dermot McMurrough, King of Leinster. In later centuries, the Tower took on the functions of a royal castle, a mint and a fortress. In 1495, the tower’s cannons repelled a challenge to the throne of Henry VII, giving rise to the city’s motto "Urbs Intacta Manet" or "Waterford remains the unconquered city". Today, Reginalds Tower remains the oldest civic building in Ireland.

With this depth of historic importance, it is easily understood why John Connelly chose the icon as his inspiration for his celebratory work. One of a Limited edition of only 50, Hardy Brothers is proud to offer this piece - the last one available in Australia - to discerning buyers.

RRP: $6999

Nothing Makes A Statement Like Zancan Can, 7 Jul 2015

Stop. Unless you’re passionate about dramatic, bold design and unfettered originality, no need to read on. If, however, you can appreciate what it means to tell the world who you are in one single flash of your iconoclastic jewellery, you’re about to find your pulse racing and heart quivering.

Robertino Zancan, president and founder of Zancan, his eponymous jewellery empire, is one confident, talented man. His collections are colourful, refined, and can border on the idiosyncratic. They transmute from year to year in a sure sign of restlessness with the status quo. No one doubts Zancan’s ongoing quality and attention to detail, however. The company is well known for its genuine artisan techniques and ongoing investment in technology.

Testament to the fact is his 800 retail stores in Italy alone, along with countless distributors throughout Europe, Russia, the Middle East and the Americas.

Established in 1990 and based in the hills of Vicenza, Italy, Zancan takes conventional shapes and plays with them, whilst the raw materials are applied with pure creativity. Zancan is synonymous with masculine, distinctive and dynamic creations that emphasize the personality of those wearing his pieces. Successful men, classic men and sporting men are drawn to his confident creations, and his extraordinary ability to fuse desire, strength and audacity.

Hardy Brothers is proud to present our unique collection of Zancan creations. From muscular rings to statement pendants, from bold bracelets to enduring cufflinks, there is something for every man of steely resolve.

The 10.21 Carat Diamond Set - The Seduction of Simplicity, 7 Jul 2015

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ― Leonardo da Vinci

As any design aficionado or dedicated romantic will attest, the secret to impeccable style and refined taste is to be found within the realms of simplicity. Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious, and adding the meaningful, and the result is almost always enhanced aesthetics.

Of course, to embrace simplicity is not to repudiate beauty. Elegance and simplicity go hand in hand. In fact, with the greatest designs, simplicity goes almost unnoticed and the art rises to the fore.

“Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated.” ― Paul Rand

To be a disciple of simplicity is to reveal your confidence, your strength, your rarefied grasp on the best the world has to offer. You don’t shout, you simply make a statement. You don’t cry out for attention, you command it. After all, great, simple and elegant design is a reflection of inherent power, success, and a life philosophy that accepts no compromise.

Hardy Brothers has always understood the interplay between simplicity and elegance.

For your sheer pleasure, our Hardy Brothers Jewellers chief designer has created this stunning 10.21 carat round brilliant cut diamond set in Platinum with an additional 57 diamonds grain set on the shank and under gallery. Inspired by the pure beauty of the diamond, it is at once uncomplicated and exquisite.

This outstanding vault collection item is available for private viewing at your nearest Hardy Brothers Jewellery Boutique.

Platinum 10.21 Carat RBC with Diamond Set Shoulders and Coronet

Argyle Diamonds: Select Atelier, 7 Jul 2015

The tradition of the ‘Atelier’ harks back to before the middle ages where workshops of artists in the fine or decorative arts would gather to produce some of the most spectacular works, all under the guidance of the principal master. Atelier is the French term for studio, and French painters, in particular, were fond of the model. Atelier also had magical connotations and the results of these studios were indeed often remarkable.

Today, the term still only applies to the home of the finest of artisans who are dedicated to their craft and proven in their ability. Jewellers who bear the moniker are understood to be the finest in their field, and they number in the few.

Even more select is the Argyle Diamond Atelier.

From the moment they emerged in the 1980s, Argyle pink diamonds have thrilled, seduced and inspired jewellers around the world. They introduced an entirely new palette of pinks, young, modern yet ageless, emotive and extravagant, to the most precious jewellery. And they lit the spark that has grown into today’s coloured diamond phenomenon, placing the Argyle pink diamond at the pinnacle of luxury.

As part of the carefully constructed and protected pathway that delivers these rarest of all diamonds to their fortunate owners, only the most trusted jewellers, renowned for attributes of quality, integrity and creativity, are chosen to work with Argyle Pink Diamonds.

Hardy Brothers is immensely proud to be one of only 30 select Argyle Pink Diamond Ateliers around the globe. This honour places Hardy Brothers at the pinnacle of jewellery design and is a reflection of our dedication to uncompromising design standards, quality and service. We share Argyle Pink Diamonds’ passion for perfection, for superlative craftsmanship, creating, conjuring, composing designs, from classic to contemporary, that revolve around the diamond, exploring its light, life and colour, highlighting the inimitable beauty of the Argyle pink diamond. Likewise, it clearly demonstrates our ongoing love affair with the Argyle Pink Diamond.

Mother of Pearl Mother & Gemstones Creating Art, 7 Jul 2015

When a pearl oyster resolves to create a pearl, it secrets away a blend of minerals inside its shell, coating and protecting the inner lining. This eventually becomes a colourful layer that is known as Mother of Pearl, and it’s one of the most cherished natural materials in the world.

Mother of Pearl, or Nacre as it is otherwise known, is characterised by its beautiful iridescence. It comes in myriad colours, and no two pieces look alike, as each reflects the light in its own individual way. It’s this riot of colour that has captivated people for centuries and made it an intrinsic element of all manner of jewellery and collectables.

Another endearing quality of Mother of Pearl is its flexibility; it can be cut into a variety of shapes, and this allows the designer greater freedom and scope. Mosaic designs are immensely popular, as are the irresistible combinations with gemstones.

Hardy Brothers’ Mother of Pearl Collection captures all of the glory of this striking gift of nature. Meticulously designed, the collection features its own individual combination of gemstones including pink, white, black and yellow Mother of Pearl, Lapis, Turquoise, black Onyx, with red, orange and purple Oyster and stunning Diamonds.

The current collection is presented in a series of three; Modern, Endless and Valentine’s Day. Each features variations in either colours or shapes and all have earring, pendants, rings and bangle and bracelets.

Modern captures the bright colours of turquoise, orange, purple, navy blue, pearl white in an abstract artistic composition. Endless is somewhat more muted and represents the essence of forever, with two beautiful motifs, one round and one in form of the lotus leaf. And finally, the Valentine’s Day heart shaped collection articulates love, with a playful design of Mother of Pearl and orange oyster. Valentine’s Day is feminine, youthful and playful, which is sure to appeal to young and young at heart.

The Lotus Collection Where Exquisite Beauty Unfolds, 7 Jul 2015

Rich in symbolism and steeped in spirituality, the Lotus Flower is one of mother nature’s most treasured and beautiful creations. Its rise from murky waters to magically unfold and reveal its delicate beauty has inspired countless civilisations and religions, and this exhilarative act has established the flower as an icon of untold reverence.

The Ancient Egyptians saw the stunning Lotus Flower as a symbol of rebirth and the sun. Its daily struggle to rise above water to flower also led the ancient Egyptians to link the lotus flower to creation; some believed that chief deity Amun rose out of the dark waters of chaos like a water lily and created the universe.

In Buddhist teachings, the Lotus Flower symbolizes purity, spontaneity, spiritual awakening, fortune and faithfulness. The flower’s rising and blooming above the murk is symbolic of achieving enlightenment, and each colour flower holds a different meaning. Blue is victory of spirit over wisdom; white is mental purity; purple the path to self awareness; pink is the supreme spirit, the true Lotus of Buddha; red is the heart and love and compassion; gold is representative of all achievement of all enlightenment.

In Hinduism, the Lotus Flower signifies beauty and nonattachment. Its ability to float on the water without becoming wet or muddy is seen as a metaphor for how life should be lived: without attachment to one's surroundings. Due to his beauty, Krishna is described as the "LotusEyed One," while Brahma and Lakshmi, the deities of potence and wealth, are also associated with the lotus symbol.

Little wonder, then, that the Lotus Flower is treated with such veneration today by lovers and collectors of fine jewellery. In a world rediscovering spiritual connections and marrying western culture with eastern thinking, the allure of the Lotus Flower is transcendent.

In celebration of the flower’s seductiveness, Hardy Brothers has created three exotic collections of delicate and contemporary rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and necklets in beautiful sterling silver and yellow and rose gold.

Enticing and inspiring, the sumptuous 18ct Rose Gold Lotus collection is a favourite of the fashion conscious, and is considered a must have by lovers of gold jewellery. It comprises two pendants, two pairs of earrings and one ring, and each piece in the collection is also available in 18ct yellow and white gold.

The Silver Lotus is the original Lotus collection, and it perfectly captures the exquisite elegance of the flower in all of its glory. The distinctive lotus shape defines each piece of the collection with stunning simplicity and sophistication. Crafted from the finest quality Rhodiumplated sterling silver with occasional diamond accents, the Silver Lotus Collection includes pendants, earrings, bracelets and cufflinks.


The Limited Edition Kimberley Sunset Coin featuring an Argyle Pink Diamond, 18 Mar 2015

The Kimberley Sunset coin is inspired by the dramatic landscape of Western Australia’s remote Kimberley region, and the rare Argyle pink diamonds which it unearths. Its artistry is inspired by the picturesque scene of an ancient boab tree and the rays of sunlight which extend across this unique wilderness at sunset.

A limited edition release from The Perth Mint, the coin is crafted from 22ct rose gold, contains 2oz of 9999 fine gold and is hand set with a precious 0.04ct Argyle pink diamond. With only 500 of this iconic treasure available, and the first coin in Australia to feature an Argyle pink diamond, this legal tender masterpiece with its high value symbolic denomination, is truly an Australian collectable to cherish.

This historic coin is presented in an elegant designer case and accompanied with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

RRP $8,880

Hardy Brothers Jewellers introduce the world’s most perfect, brilliant-cut diamond to Australia, 19 Jul 2013

Sydney 18/07/2013

Last Night, Hardy Brothers Jewellers introduced the world's most perfect, brilliant-cut diamonds at their intimate sit down dinner which launched Hardy Brothers 160th year anniversary celebration.

These diamonds form part of a finely-made collection featuring hand-chosen diamonds cut with 10 perfect hearts and 10 faultless arrows to create 71-faceted diamonds, named the 'Diamantina 10' Collection.

As part of Hardy Brothers Jewellers 160 year anniversary celebration, this jewellery showcase was hosted to celebrities.

The 'Diamantina 10' collection will be a perfect centrepiece to honour Hardy Brothers Jewellers 160 years of desire and the unsurpassed level of craftsmanship and commitment to perfection that the brand epitomises.

Megan’s stunning HB hoops , 1 Dec 2012

Top model, Megan Gale, channelled Priscilla Presley in her feature in Madison’s September issue. The stunning diamond hoops Megan chose to wear in the feature photographs have attracted plenty of attention and are from the latest Hardy Brothers collection.

Click here to view the full feature

Hardy Brothers the Cup favourite, 6 Nov 2012

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall, presented the 2012 Emirates Melbourne Cup to Nick Williams, who represented his father Lloyd Williams the owner of the winner Green Moon.  Hardy Brothers has been entrusted with the manufacture of the five cups associated with this prestigious international event since 1985.

To read more about The Emirates Melbourne Cup click here

Nicole dazzles in HB, 15 May 2012

A stunning 2-page Hardy Brothers feature was a highlight of Harper’s BAZAAR June/July issue with the gorgeous Nicole Kidman on the cover. The two got together on the inside of the mag, where the glamorous star was photographed wearing an exquisite collection of prize Hardy Brothers pieces.

Click here to view the full feature

Glamourous Hardy Brothers launch, 12 May 2012

All the beautiful people came out for the launch of the new look Hardy Brothers. Charlotte Dawson, Deborah Thomas, Lisa Wilkinson and Jesinta Campbell were there, along with other Channel 9 celebrities and the editors of Harper’s Bazaar and Grazia.

Guests nibbled on canapés and sipped pink champagne and tried on some of the eye-catching pieces from the latest Hardy Brothers collections.

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