Meo Fusciuni Spirito 100ml


Top notes: chamomile, angelica root, carrot seeds

Base notes: cypress, myrtle, hyssop, cedar, vetiver roots, vegetal moss, guaiacum wood, elemi resin, tonka bean

Spirito belongs to the olfactory family of green, herbaceous and woody fragrances; it has an olfactory balance that does not search for contrasts. Everything has been weighed with caution and extreme dedication in order to create a perfect balance, as is found in nature. It’s a bright, deep, intense and persistent fragrance.

Spirito is the second and final chapter of the Metamorphosis Cycle. It is a fragrance that talks about the freedom of the soul, is the distant glance. It is a long walk through grassy fields, a run under the light of spring and summer.

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