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Royal Warrant

What is the Royal Warrant?

The Royal Warrant is recognised as a mark of excellence and quality that is conferred upon people or companies who have regularly supplied goods or services for at least five years to members of the Royal Family

Hardy Brothers services to the Royal Family

As holder of the Royal Warrant, Hardy Brothers have served all sovereigns since George V, including the reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. Hardy Brothers’ royal connections started back In the late 1800s, when the company’s founder, John Hardy, gained entree to the Governors' social circles and it paid off handsomely for him. As well as gaining vice-regal patronage, many of Australia’s early Governors requested John Hardy's assistance with the presentation of State dinners and receptions at their official residences, and over time, Hardy Brothers began serving State Governors and Governors-General too, and at times, visiting royalty.

In the 1920s, Hardy Brothers were invited to supply `Yarralumla', the Canberra home of Australia's Governor-General, with their silver, china and glassware appointments. The company also supplied similar items to the Prime Minister's Canberra residence, The Lodge.

As holders of the Warrant, one of our early royal commissions was to supply an 18-carat gold cup for the running of the first King's Cup horse race in 1927, now known as the Queen's Cup which continues to be maintained by Hardy brothers to this day.

Hardy Brothers' royal customers include Queen Victoria's consort, Prince Albert, and Australia's favourite royal, Princess Alexandra. The late Lord Louis Mountbatten was a customer too, and while on tour here once, he wandered into the Sydney store to get his watch-chain repaired and to buy a few trinkets. The conspicuous royal figure was hurriedly ushered into a back room and looked after, before any curious crowds could gather!

One of Hardy Brothers proudest moments was receiving the Royal commissions to design and supply the gold mallet and trowel for the ceremonious laying of foundations at the site of Australia's Federal capital, Canberra.




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